Your Smart Assistant at Home

Giving a quick context of the concept of the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is to put a sensor and a modem on everything and connect it to the cloud. At its most complex, those things employ a sophisticated system of sensors, modems, processors, operating systems, cloud integration, apps, displays, voice platforms and machine learning. This concept is then place into various of field and industries.

Smart Home. The home automation is no longer an imagination or a scene in the movies. The consumer internet of thing device has added another competitor after Amazon Echo, the Google home. The device brings the Google Assistant to life in your home and allows you to control them likes Nest, Philips Hue, Samsung Smart Things. Google Home is a voice activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. Ask a question. Tell it to do things.

With deep learning, allows it to have Artificial Intelligence. Google home can remember context and let you have conversation with it. For example, you have asked the weather today and follow by “What about tomorrow”. The device would be able to answer your question without having to ask the full question again.

As the system are connected to Google cloud computing, it seems to know everything. You can ask Google home random question about people, place or idea. It then connects to google’s big data and provide you the answers.

The advantage of Internet of Thing device is that it connects to the internet and to your home. With a smart assistant with thermostat, you can control your home’s air-conditioning. And also, turning on your lights before you reach home.

Is easy to see that the Google has higher potential to leverage its services because of the huge database. The question would be, are you ready to put a device that listens to you each and every moment?

Source : Quartz