Why O2O?

Most consumer would go to experience the physical store after the have view the information and make purchases “online”. O2O also helps to target consumer group and saved the logistic cost. Other than that, O2O helps merchants by providing 24/7 service without having to spend extra cost where consumer may make purchases at anywhere and anytime. As all the transactions are made online, merchants can easily consolidate customer data and reports using the online backend systems. Consumers can also use the internet to review the merchants before making a purchase from them. Simply best of both worlds helping the merchants to expand the customer base while consumer may have more choices by just staying at home.

“TRUST” is a key differentiator of O2O platform, as only those merchants that have physical stores can join the O2O platform.

O2O operates both ways

First, from offline to online: A consumer may make purchase online after the have tried the products from the merchant then like and trust in the brand. This helps the merchant to scale up their business without incurring a higher cost for a new shop which includes renting cost, front-line staff, utilities and etc at the outlets. The O2O platform can provide a seamless way to expand the shopping activities where time can be put into efficient use.

Second, from online to offline: If someone has seen a product online and would like to experience and own it, consumer may be motivated to go to the merchant to purchase it. This then bring a whole new life to the bricks and mortar.

Offline: Touch, Feel, experience and acquire your purchases.

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