What’s the problem of Big Data?

In today’s marketing environment, decisions can’t be based simply on emotion or gut feel. They need to be backed by data. Therefore, large scale or extremely large digital data sets have recently become one of the focus in the Tech world. There are debates between the pros and cons of the use of big data, tangle between embracing or rejecting the developments.

  • Preparation

By now you would have known that the marketing industry been affected by big data. It is not harmful to the industry but helping companies to make plans that is impactful, outcomes in reaching niche audiences and creating personalized campaigns. Many companies have seen the changes and improvements in marketing due to the big data adoption however are all company’s staff prepared with skills to utilize the big data?

  • Security

The cyber security is still vulnerable and are being exploited on multiple fronts. The risk of having big data does not lie internally but also externally. Giving an example, cyber criminals use techniques such as spear phishing and ransomware to hack or steal data. Internally, some employees may exploit company information due to the competitive markets and lifestyle.

  • Speed

A research shows one of the top big data challenges is that 85% of business can’t analyze data fast enough. This statement make a lot of sense as the more data you have, the harder it can be to find true value from the data. It’s like sometimes google maps giving you directions and suggesting an alternate or “faster” route. You took the route and find it’s a dirt road under construction. Sometimes big data systems think they have found a shortcut, but in reality, it’s not exactly what the user was looking for. With many more factors lies between the big data, it drags the whole analyzing process.

These are just the bits of the iceberg but there’s no worries of the challenges. As more and more businesses are discovering the big data, certainly there would be solutions to the problems.