the STRAW specially for Chocolate Shamrock Shakes

McDonald’s made smart straw for its Shake, taking the flavor of its Chocolate Shamrock Shakes to the max. The designs give the perfect balance of chocolaty and minty taste of the drink.

The straw is designed by a team of aerospace and robotic engineers. They name it, STRAW, which stands for “Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal.” They did only 2000 of these straws are they are absolutely limited within the United State. And for the lucky few who get one, the experience is sublime.

McDonald’s has been raising the bar in a number of ways, from how it operates (now serving All Day Breakfast), what it serves (updated Chicken McNuggets® free of artificial preservatives, flavors and colors) and what it offers (changing the Big Mac by offering new Mac sandwich sizes).The release of the Chocolate Shamrock Shake and the STRAW marks the latest example of how McDonald’s is putting its guests at the center of all that it does.  

Now that’s a different level of business positioning.