The Future of Agriculture, The 3rd Green Revolution

Comparing to traditional farming, the farming now is more like manufacturing factories. They are being Teched up. Sowing, watering, fertilizing and harvesting are all computer-controlled. Even the soil they grow in is monitored to within an inch of its life. It is story of yesterday that we see the increasing demand of crops, one way to address these issues and increase the quantity and quality of agriculture, is smart farming.

Smart Farming represents the application of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture, leading to what can be called a Third Green Revolution. Smart Farming has a real potential to deliver a more productive and sustainable agricultural production, based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach.

The technologies in agriculture uses sensing technology to collect data and analyze data , making farming intelligent. With effective analyzation of the weather, soil condition and the farmer would be able to monitor the crops using smartphone. This will not just making farmers more productive also saving more, ie water and time.

Today’s Smart Farms strive to be sustainable by utilizing science and technology to be faster and more efficient while growing and producing the world’s best food supply. Smart Farming touches every aspect of farming technology, from water conservation and animal welfare to sustainability and habitat conservation.

Source : Smart Akis