The Era of Big Data

The powerful Big Data

What comes into your mind when we mention about “Data”? The word “Big Data” has become common in year 2012 when people start to use it to describe and define the explosion of massive database. “Big Data” is also been defined as the evolutionary and important element of business model development.

The importance of data is now penetrated into every industry and various business functions becoming one of the most importation production element. “Big Data” has being use in physics, biology, environmental ecology and military, financial, communications and other industries for quite some time but only received attention upon the rise of internet and information era. You might be thinking what is it about and how they do it? Well, the evolution begins when there’s massive data mining and application which benefits the business with the increased of productivity and in the same time changing the consumer’s spending behavior. If you notice, many business is now starting to collect consumer’s data and spending patterns in various ways.




Although there are still many companies may not be aware of the explosive growth of data and the implication it brings, the “Big Data” era is rapidly expanding and growing. As time goes on, those business and enterprise will need to be aware of the importance of data and using them effectively and efficiently.





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