Samsung Pay Says Hello to Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has recently announced its partnership with several leaders in the banking industry as part of its strategic move to launch and expand its Samsung Pay ecosystem in Malaysia.

Samsung Pay is a robust mobile payment platform that not only supports the shift towards digital wallets today, but provides a conducive and future-proof avenue for secure e-payments in Malaysia. As part of its efforts to provide a seamless experience for Samsung Pay users, Samsung has been actively engaging merchants, providing training to their cashiers and point of sale acceptance signs. To date, over 90 percent of merchants ranging from food and beverage outlets, fashion and lifestyle retailers, and supermarkets and department stores in Malaysia have adopted the system and are equipped to offer users the ultimate convenience in mobile payment. More merchants are expected to come on board soon. Along with participating banks and merchants, Samsung Pay’s existing support of loyalty card programmes such as B Infinite, Bonuslink and Sunway Pals in Malaysia will be joined by more loyalty brands in the coming months.

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Samsung Pay’s launch in Malaysia continues a broader push towards introducing mobile payments in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region, following recent launches in Australia, Singapore and Thailand. Samsung Pay is also available in South Korea, the US, Spain, Russia, Brazil, China, and Puerto Rico, with plans to launch in Canada.

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The growing adoption of mobile technology has increase the demand of mobile payment in coming years. The mobile payment technology allows consumers to make payment in a swift using their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, the integration of Internet of Things with payment applications provides huge opportunities to extent payment solution offerings and enhance payment technologies.

As you can see the major tech leaders such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon, are now investing their time towards digital wallet. In the coming years, we shall see the revolution of payment method and enhanced shopping experience without having to waste time on checkout counters.

Question is how will you enable the digital payment method to your business that’s easy to integrate, easy to use and still secure?