Rising Start-up In Japan

We can see new business start-ups every now and then especially in those developed countries. Today, let’s take a look at some new start-ups in Japan.

1) Favy

Image Source: favy.co.jp

The start-up is best known for providing DIY website tools to restaurants along with a curated media website for foodies. This new round of funding will also be used to establish a showroom in Tokyo’s stylish Omotesando area. The showroom is co-developed with Seven Dreamers Laboratory. Accordingly, visitors will be able to try out Laundroid, that organization’s new clothing folding machine.

Favy has raised US$3 million from Energy & Environment Investment, Mizuho Capital and CyberAgent Ventures. Favy previously raised US$1 million from Mizuho Capital and CyberAgent Ventures in April 2016.

2) Voicy

Image Source: under07.com

Voicy recruits both media personalities and news organizations to its platform. The entertainers read the news so users can get the latest info from their favourite voices. Since launching in beta last September with 40 voices and eight media organizations, Voicy has recruited an additional 100 voices and 17 news outlets.

Voicy closed its angel round with an assortment of twelve prominent industry figures. The terms were not disclosed, but participating investors included Toru Shimada (former VP of Rakuten) and Makoto Takano (editor in chief of Forbes Japan).

3) Jiraffe

Image Source: e27

Jiraffe, the company behind price comparison site Hikakaku closed a US$1.2 million series B round. The company previously took a seed round of US$120,000 and a series A round of US$350,000.

The startup is growing alongside Japan’s popular second-hand goods industry. It lists numerous resellers and the prices for which they are likely going to buy your unwanted products. Users can then sell their items for the best price.

4) Enechange

Image Source: The Project

Enechange is another start-up responding to Japan’s recent loosening of energy retail laws. Now that smaller firms are also able to sell electricity, consumers need a tool to track and compare the costs. That tool is Enechange.

Its latest funding news is a US$440,000 add-on investment from Mizuho Capital. It tops up the firm’s US$4.4 million series A round from January, which was led by IMJ Investment Partners. In February 2016, it also scored US$3.7 million from Energy & Environment Investment and Hitachi.

Source: Tech In Asia