Online-to-Offline (O2O) Works for Singapore Kickstarter Retail Store

Back in September, Kickstarter fans in Singapore were thrilled to find out that a brand-new retail store – We The People will be bringing in some favourites from the crowd-funding platform. Located in the heart of town at Orchard Central, its concept was simple – interested parties could handle and explore the products before deciding on paying for them.

Founded by Korean designer products consortium SOOZIP and local product designers, who themselves, are Kickstarter success stories. Fast forward 7 months later and the team is back with the announcement of a brand-new outlet at another part of town – Millennia Walk – come 25 March.

The outlet is said to be 2,000 sq ft large and its concept is slightly different from the first store, because besides the retail side, the new place also houses a workshop area, a space for designers and a cafe. The retail space is where all the successfully funded projects that We The People chose to bring in are for sale. This is where new brands and products are introduced to the market. The workshop and speaker space will serve to facilitate sharing sessions that are open to the public whereas the designer space will be where the pre-Kickstarter entrepreneurs will market their products. The idea is to sell and gain insight directly from customers, refine the product and pricing, and launch a Kickstarter campaign. Finally, it’s the cafe! The store is taking the next step up in retail by letting customers actually use Kickstarter coffee products to brew their own coffee or tea. They have the Cafflano Klassic, Cafflano Kompact, Hyperchiller, Goat story mugs and Dripo. These are free to use and customers need only purchase beans and grounds.

Image Credit: We The People

Despite we are given the news about how retail is dying and how our malls are emptying out, we found it pretty intriguing as to how We The People doesn’t seem to just be surviving, but thriving as well. They started off with 15 brands and now they have over 50 brands in their store.

The most popular products in the store are none other than the magnetic post-it notes. It sounds unbelievable as it’s merely a post-it note but that’s the fact. They are like regular post-it notes that are statically charged so they stick on to any surface. Other than that, We The People also features a range of coffee products like the Cafflano Kompact and Cafflano Klassic which are super popular among the customers.

So, how does We The People survive in an area where the rental is extremely expensive? The store has regular roadshows and pop up markets around Singapore which help a lot of sales and branding, and in turn brings more people back to the store. The comments that We The People often receives from customers are “Great concept!”, “Finally I can see Kickstarter products”, “Is this the only shop?”, “Is this all for sale?”. In fact, consumers always obtain information online on what creative and innovative products are launched at Kickstarter campaign but they actually do not know where to buy those products. Now, We The People helps to solve the problem.

We The People proves that O2O is the way forward. Are you ready to leverage your business via O2O?

Source: Vulcan Post