O2O Model Definition (7)

Most consumer would go to experience the physical store after they have view the information and make purchases “online”. O2O also helps to target consumer group and saved the logistic cost. Other than that, O2O helps merchants by providing 24/7 service without having to spend extra cost where consumer may make purchases at anywhere and anytime. As all the transactions are made online, merchants can easily consolidate customer data and reports using the online backend systems. Consumers can also use the internet to review the merchants before making a purchase from them.

Simply best of both worlds helping the merchants to expand the customer base while consumer may have more choices by just staying at home.

大多数消费者在线上购物后,都会到实体商店去体验。 O2O还有助于瞄准消费群体并节省物流成本。除此之外,O2O还提供24/7全天候服务,而无需花费额外成本,让消费者可以随时随地进行线上购买。由于所有交易都是在线上进行的,商家可以使用线上后端系统轻松整合客户数据和报告。消费者还可以在购买商品之前使用互联网查看其他消费者对商家的评论。