O2O Business Model

O2O, or Online to Offline, is a new business model combining online shopping and front line transactions. A business adopting an O2O (Online to Offline) model usually provides information, services and booking discounts and pushes its messages to Internet users, who in return will become the customers of the particular offline business partners. The business model is particularly suitable for consumer goods and services, such as food and beverage, fitness, movies and beauty salon.

“If you do not know what O2O is, you should at least know about the popular “group-purchasing”, which is only a part of the O2O. Group-purchasing is only the first step of O2O business.” The difference is that discounted group-purchasing is only a kind of temporary promotion and this marketing method is not sustainable.

Relationship between O2O, B2C and C2C

O2O (Online to Offline), B2C (Business to Customers) and C2C (Customers to Customers) all involve online payment, but the difference is that through B2C and C2C, purchased goods are packed and delivered to the hands of consumers. O2O consumers can still enjoy this service offline. It is a mode of business that offers a good combination of website traffic and consumer service experience.

Future Prospects of O2O

O2O will not have any clear definition in the future as there would be no online or offline in our lives when a mobile phone can settle everything. Big data is everywhere, the words we said, the road we took, the products we bought, the view we’ve seen, all has been captured by people (technology). This technology could analyse the data we left, accurately predict what we need, what we would do, what we would buy, when we would buy and how we are going to make the purchase.

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