Meet Sodyo – An O2O Solution for Broadcasters

We often see O2O being used in e-commerce but here’s another application of O2O – in broadcasting industry for advertising purpose.

Sodyo, an Israeli-made technology which is the first technology that enables O2O – offline to online – interaction at any distance. It offers a solution for broadcasters, allowing viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and “scan” a colourful marker that broadcasters place within the content or commercials.

Broadcasters place a marker on a commercial. The viewer points their phone to the screen, and interactive content from the broadcaster instantly appears on the phone from any viewing distance. This is the first time that broadcasters can monetize large and attentive audiences. Until now, TV relied on “Dial 1-800” and “Visit our website” for lead capturing.

Sodyo Co-Founder Fred Garroy is looking to the future after over 20 years in broadcast. Sodyo is the perfect solution for the new challenges and new opportunities that TV networks are facing, allowing interaction between the two most important screens in our lives – TV and smartphone. Sodyo enables broadcasters to enrich content, engage and captivate the audience in ways they never imagined possible.

Sodyo allows viewers to point their smartphone at the TV screen and “scan” a colourful marker that broadcasters placed to access to more information. (Courtesy: Sodyo)

What viewers can do with Sodyo?

  • “Point and Purchase” products and services – perfect for shopping networks
  • “Point and Learn More” about products and services
  • “Point and Vote” for content choices offered on TV – favourite singer, favourite news story or a poll


Sodyo’s technology is unique in 4 ways:


The scanning distance is at least 100 times the size of the tag, which is similar to the observation distance of a normal human eye. For example, a 5×5 cm tag can be detected by a typical smartphone from at least 5 meters, in perfect match with TV viewing requirements.


2. Omni Media

Sodyo markers can be used on any media or platform such as TV, LED displays, LCDs, billboards, projection and print of any type.


3. Fast

When viewers scan TV content, the ad appears on their smartphone instantly due to Sodyo’s optimized content delivery.


4. Design Worthy

Sodyo markers can be customized to any shape. For example, you can easily design and deploy a marker in the shape of a shopping cart or car.


Source: Business Wire