Keeping at the top of the game

McDonald’s begins testing Mobile Order & Pay ahead of launch at the United States. The McDonald’s mobile app already allowed customers to browse the menu, check out the weekly deals, find nearby locations and more. But now it will begin to allow customers to place orders and pay within the app, as well, as mobile ordering becomes more broadly available.

Its implementation of the technology is a bit different from its fast food rivals. After customers place their order and pay in the app, McDonald’s uses geo-fencing technology to track the customer’s location, so their food is only prepared when they’re physically near the store. This will save the food from remaining under heat lamps for too long.

The time savings this will ultimately produce for some customers is questionable, as McDonald’s has already made a number of improvements to speed up its service over the years — especially through its drive-thrus. Its food may not be the best, but it’s certainly known to be quick.

However, for larger orders, mobile ordering has an advantage. McDonald’s tells us that the typical ordering process for 2-3 items takes 17 seconds on average at drive-thrus, but those with 8-10 items can take 50-100 seconds. Mobile ordering brings those averages back down to round 10-15 seconds.

Mobile order and pay isn’t the only technology McDonald’s is testing to reach new customers in the digital age. A recent filing stated that it is also experimenting with delivery, including through partnerships with third-party services worldwide.

The digital world is moving fast and it is up the speed of a company to catch up with the trend. So far as we can see, browsing-only mobile apps is no longer sufficient to feed the appetite of the users. By adding a payment way into the mobile apps, making it a seamless process for both provider and user. Adding more values into your services is the key to stay on top of the game.