Just ordinary suitcase?

We’ve been talking about Internet of things, from its ideas to its usage. Here’s an interesting IoT product to share.

It’s a suitcase but more than an ordinary suitcase. It is a suitcase that has charging ports, GPS tracking, an anti-theft alarm, a biometric fingerprint lock, and a Bluetooth speakerphone. What’s more? You can control your suitcase through your smart phone with their mobile apps. The smart suitcase alerts you when it’s out of radius and you can track it via the build-in GPS through your phone. The suitcase will notify you when it’s overweight helping you to prevent extra baggage charge. The technology of this suitcase brings another device connected to the internet.

There certainly are companies that is building smart devices and smart devices means personalised which also means that more personal data.  The Internet of Things means the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Will this GPS tracker be part of the contribution of surveillance network? It is then back to the question of “Who” will govern these data and the tracking of information of an individual.