IoT : Smart Traffic Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a recent communication paradigm that envisions a near future, in which the objects of everyday life will be equipped with microcontrollers, transceivers for digital communication, and suitable protocol stacks that will make them able to communicate with one another and with the users, becoming an integral part of the Internet. Though we have been referring to Smart Cities and communities for some time now, let us look at how use of Information and data available to us can be used to really create some smart services, which in a true sense provide us with better living.

In the IoT of smart city, smart traffic management would be the solution. The key element for Smart Traffic Management is sensor. One of the Internet of Things key advancement is smart city. When we talk about City, the first thing that comes into mind is traffic jams. The Smart Traffic Management is a system where it is centrally-controlled traffic signals and sensors regulate the flow of traffic through the city in response to demand.

Here are some of the benefits implementing the management,

City Benefits

  • More efficient traffic flow
  • Less pollution and other environmental impacts
  • More efficient use of budget
  • Better visibility into traffic conditions
  • Better infrastructure investments

Transportation Department Benefits

  • Automated incident detection and quicker responses
  • Better-informed operational decision making
  • Improved planning and resource allocation
  • Greater collaboration among response agencies
  • More effective operations

Citizen Benefits

  • Improved road safety
  • Less congestion, reducing frustration and fuel costs
  • Better driving and commuting experiences

The use of technology in Traffic management is a known thing and there are many cities around the globe implementing it. However, it is the use of data from different sources in real-time and processing information to take immediate decisions that is the key to a successful traffic management in our cities. It is the need of the hour to leverage enormous amount of data around us and create a more meaningful and smooth living for us.

Source: Cisco