Internet of Things in Healthcare

The Internet of Things and information and Communication Technologies applied in development of health care systems have reached an evolutionary process. There’s an approach of a decision support and home monitoring system for patients with neurological disorders using Internet of Things concepts. The Internet of Things weaves into healthcare on both the doctor and patient fronts. Ultrasounds, thermometers, glucose monitors, electrocardiograms, and more are all starting to become connected and letting patients track their health.

New developments and concepts in ICT lead to innovative smart and portable devices able to identify, locate, sense and connect anytime and anywhere between themselves leading to a new form of communication and network. Considering all the medical devices that uses technology for collecting, analyzing, processing, and transmitting data from a system, we can specify that the Internet of Things (IoT) concept continues to mature in healthcare domain. Innovative smart devices can collect and share information directly with each other and store it to the cloud, making it possible to collect, record and analyze data faster and more accurately.

Example of how IoT works in Healthcare

Combining the Internet of Things and Information and Communication Technology enables the development of health care systems, personalized home management systems. The new methods of collecting patients’ assessment and measurement data via wireless transmission, helps the patients to conduct tests on themselves in the comfort of their own homes. The use of Internet of Things(IoT) to gather, analyze and process relevant information helping the healthcare industry breaking various milestones.