International Women’s Day = Shopping Spree

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women and their achievements. Today, it has evolved to become a day in which all the sales and promotions take place. Sales and promotions especially for women’s products such as clothing, cosmetics, jewelleries, handbags and footwear are the main items that will be sold at reduced price on this particular day.

According to statistics, 75% of China’s total household purchases is determined by women, 50% of male products are purchased by women. Therefore, e-commerce companies launched a series of sales which targeted women starting in early March even before the Women’s Day arrives. China’s famous e-commerce company continues its second season of “Butterfly Festive” this year after the success of its first season in 2016. “Butterfly Festive” is a program launched around the Women’s Day to provide female online shoppers with numerous brands of cosmetics and beauty products at an extremely attractive price. Another e-commerce company, VIPShop joined the sales carnival by offering different discounted items each day. For instance, the item on sale on 3 March was women’s lingerie.

Speaking of sales carnival, how can we not mentioning about Tmall which is owned by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba. Tmall launched its sales with a slogan – Bring out your beauty, which aimed to create a special day for every woman in the world. Women’s Day falls on spring season and it’s a season suitable for travelling. Many travel agencies take the opportunity to launch travel packages for women around this time as women tend to treat themselves with travel as a gift to celebrate the special day.

All the e-commerce companies and physical stores rival to offer super sales coupled with creative gimmicks to consumers. How to become the winner in the race is what matters.