Integration of O2O

O2O business model means using the online market and online purchase to drive the offline management and offline experience. Through O2O marketing, merchant uses discounts, providing information and service preorders to bring the retails shops(offline) to the online consumers. They make use of the platform to guide the online consumers to the bricks and mortar. This marketing best suits products that requires offline services such as food and beverages industry, Gym, movies, performances, beauty facials, hair care and etc.

With the rapid development of the Internet, O2O has rapidly developed in the market from the usual digital business model such as B2B, B2C , C2C. So why O2O? For the B2B, B2C business model point of view, consumers purchase the goods from the online, merchant packs the item and deliver to customer via local logistic company which completes the whole transaction flow. The increase of online consumer has impacted the retail and not all the business suit the “online only” business. This is one of the reason the O2O business model raise rapidly in some of the country especially China.

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