Implementing IoT Technology into Business

We have discussed the IoT in HR yesterday and as promised the approach for the implementation of IoT in quantifying employees will be the topic of today.

As suggested by Deloitte, the first step to take in designing a quantified workplace is deciding which problem or problems need to be solved, as seen in Figure 1. Once that is established, decide what data is needed to address it and carefully plan how to collect and manage the information. The goal should be quality over quantity when it comes to data gathering.

Figure 1. Designing a quantified workplace. (Source: Deloitte analysis)

It’s paramount that HR and IT work together to instill parameters so the collected data is properly managed; duplicated or inconsistent data is useless. “Companies should have a clear process for securing data, managing access and holding people accountable for security and quality standards,” says Deloitte.

Gathering the needed data will be contingent upon employee buy-in, which will require trust and communication. The company should clearly state its goals and explain how the implemented technologies will offer employees value. Deloitte also suggests giving employees the ability to opt-out of such programs, promising confidentiality and opening the lines of communication for feedback–anonymously if deemed necessary.

Once data collection is established, data sets should be tested for validity and statistical reliability, so as not to draw incorrect conclusions. One way to test out the impact of the data without making wholesale organizational changes, which can be time-consuming and expensive, is using pilot programs to roll out changes slowly.

As Deloitte says, “the desire to quantify, measure and monitor ourselves has spawned an entire industry.” Combining this trend with IoT technology presents the opportunity for businesses to quantify their employees through data collection and to use that information to help make the workplace more productive. By balancing employees concerns and business goals, organizations can solve workplace problems that benefit both the employer and the employee.

Source: foxbusiness