Impact on the Development of O2O E-Commerce for SMEs

Mobile commerce is the main direction of the future development and mobile applications are the new trend in the development of e-commerce. E-commerce application has the advantages of low cost, accurate marketing orientation and personalized service. It is very suitable for SMEs and quickly becoming bigger and stronger by using the “corner beyond” business strategy. The rapid development of mobile phone users can bring enormous business opportunities for SMEs. It will lead a large number of SMEs to the era of mobile commerce, to seize the commanding heights of e-commerce and the unlimited business opportunities. In the hustle bustle life, the online platform has helped the busy people to use time more efficiently. However, most consumer have less confidence with online purchases are they are unable to touch, feel and experience the product. Also, most of the eCommerce platform has little or no physical store which “TRUST” is one of the concern for consumer.

O2O, or Online to Offline, is a new business model combining online shopping and front line transactions. A business adopting an O2O (Online to Offline) model usually provides information, services and booking discounts and pushes its messages to Internet users, who in return will become the customers of the particular offline business partners. The business model is particularly suitable for consumer goods and services, such as food and beverage, fitness, movies and beauty salon.

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