Every byte counts

Big data is the next big thing. It boosts the customer experiences and increase the competition in the market. Businesses nowadays are collecting data as much as they can. From personal data, transaction data, usage log, mobile apps data, sensors, social media and many more However, data does not mean information or insights until it is transformed. It might look small at first but they are valuable assets when it’s utilized wisely. Big data gives organizations a solution that is designed specifically with the needs of the enterprise in mind.

How to use the power of data in e-Commerce? The growth of e-retail, the ecommerce industry has transformed the shopping experience and there’s great advantage being in the digital business. With the sources from online and applying the Big Data solutions makes it possible to analyze data in real time and translating these data into action. Availability of data has created the opportunity to utilize past trends and performances for growth, allowing companies to improve customer satisfaction via better products and services. The big data also allows companies and businesses to personalized offers, discounts, campaign to be at the top of the game.

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The first thing of Big Data is the volume, big data represent big volume and explosion of data is the game changer. Big data also comes in different velocity and variety but also consist risks of veracity. While a few problems with big data would be the validity of data volatility. Clearly valid data is the key of helping us making the right decision but the concern is how do we validate the accuracy of data while the time frame for storage of real time data. With effective use of Big Data, it will definitely able provide guideline tackling the business challenges, leverage the business, generating value and overall growth of the business also not forgetting benefiting the business ecosystem.

E-commerce and delivery is inseparable. Have you think of the spark of e-commerce business when it is paired with delivery data? And how does delivery data helps with the development of Internet of Things? What will happen to the future all depends to our imagination and creativity if using big data not just toward 1 business but businesses around it.