Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using LinkedIn Pulse

In this era of marketing, LinkedIn has become one of the hottest social media platforms. Have you ever thought to drive traffic to your blog using LinkedIn Pulse platform?

The publishing platform of LinkedIn is called Pulse. Sometimes, people get confused whether they’re publishing on LinkedIn or Pulse is any separate platform.

Well, it’s an integrated platform where you can publish the post which will directly get shared on your LinkedIn profile.

With an urge to boost the growth of your blog, you may have created a LinkedIn profile. But what are the ways using which, you can leverage your profile and drive more people towards your blog?

It can be challenging to many as LinkedIn is not like Twitter or Facebook where you can tweet or post anything irrelevant respectively. It’s one of the biggest professional networks which is specially created only for working people who want to spread their work. Many people are even getting jobs from this amazing platform.

To drive traffic to your blog using LinkedIn Pulse, you have to put some serious efforts.

The Things You Should Do Before Start Publishing on LinkedIn

People have an illusion to get thousands of visitors from LinkedIn just by publishing anything. Let us clear it by mentioning some necessary things required.

  1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s all about personal branding. Before you start publishing, you should complete every section of your LinkedIn profile.

The main headline should be talking about your profession, your skills, your talent. People directly judge others just by having a glance to the main tagline. Whether you’re a blogger, web developer, WordPress expert, professional fashion designer, social media manager or anything else. You have to make it worth eye catching.

  1. Elaborate About Your Work Experience

The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can add as many as work positions. They also know that people are multitasking nowadays.

If you’re running a blog, mention it and what you do to help your readers. What are the topics you cover? How can you teach the LinkedIn users?

You have to elaborate what you really mean about the position you have added. Explain why you are the one holding this position and what can you do for your LinkedIn connections.

You can mention the skills like this LinkedIn Job Titles

  • WordPress error handling
  • Theme development in WordPress
  • WP theme customization
  • Boost your blog growth
  • Start a new WordPress blog
  • Design a custom website

It can be anything related to your work. If you’re a blogger, you can mention how you generate the lead and what you write about.

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Twitter marketing
  • Current Blogging Trends
  • Digital marketing
  • Fashion blogging

Blogging is a vast field which can be explored in as many words as you want. People blog about cooking, stay at home mom business, online business, 6 figure business, and more.

  1. Mention Some Additional Skills

LinkedIn has one interesting section where you can mention all the skills you have. It will help you to build an authority.

You may have seen at every profile you visit. If you scroll down, you can see the skills and number of “+” for each. That plus sign signifies the number of people endorsed that particular skill.

Just to mention some skills.

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Blogging
  • PHP Coding
  • CSS Coding
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Online Coaching
  • Proofreading

Endorsements are one of the best ways to start a conversation and getting notified by your new connections. I always try to endorse my new connections. It puts a positive impact that you appreciate them for their kind gesture to follow you. It can lead to something lucrative.

  1. Build a Strong List of LinkedIn Connections

Before you even think to drive traffic to your blog using LinkedIn Pulse platform, you should build a strong presence.

No one would see your content if you don’t have a list of followers. People publish the content every day, every hour, every minute. To make your blog posts stand, you have to increase your connections first.

Start connecting with your fellow bloggers, employees, online friends etc. If you keep consistent, you can reach more and more people.

Source: Inspire to Thrive