Big Data in Advertising

Big data, one of the hottest topic of today and has been helping many businesses achieve outstanding results. Experts predicted that in 2020, there will be about 40ZB of big data collected. With the rise of big data era, the demand of this data against the marketing in the advertising industry is also in a rise. Let’s look at how they can make use of the big data with the help of analysis and some technical skills.

Most of us do realize the importance of Big data but many had been neglecting the importance of effective use of data. There are a lot of company that have used the big data against the analysis of their users, products, competitor’s product, marketing trending and etc however majority of them did not go in depth to study these data. The decision-makers or marketing planners make judgmental decisions from their previous experiences while they developing marketing strategies. Such actions have its pros but with advancement of technologies, this action might cause waste of resources. One should combine both tech and experiences to make a plan that suits the market instead of ourselves.

Advertising in the digital world consist from banner, HTML 5, pop-up advertising, videos and many more forms depending on the needs and all of these aims to provide exposure to the digital crowd and each click creates a data.

Upon collecting the data, it is not difficult to achieve the most effective marketing when you are using them effectively to analyze insights from various angel and areas. There are various of company that focus on building big data, creating a platform to help businesses to get the most of out of the data.  They collect data from user’s behavior, search behavior, payment habits, preferences and other characteristics. Using the data formed, they provide detailed analysis and prediction of customer behavior, ultimately leading to virtuous cycle of precision marketing.

Digital Marketing has its value from innovation. With deep analyze of user’s path, user tagging, target audience, clustering crowd information, assist companies to form an overview of the market prior to investing money into the market, furthermore helps in post-investment analysis. The process of getting pre-and post insights using big data helps companies to make forward-looking decisions, forms an almost- perfect process loop and obtain greater marketing value.

The digital world is changing our lifestyle, marketing model, competitive model and positioning makes the most difference for a company to stand-out from the others. Digital advertising is one of the solution to create exposure of your company, also get insights of the market and users with the use of information collected.