Big Data and Politics?

We’ve see positive usage of Big Data on how it makes life easier, improving the tech world. However big data are utilized more than just improvement but predictions. Recent NBC News reported that Big Data plays a big role in the American Politic as it revolutionized the way American politicians win elections.

The internet world continuously collectes massive amount of data from users, be it good data or bad data. It will then be analyzed and translated to information or insights according to one’s requirement.

There are analytics that can determine your most intimate personality based on your digital footprint. Be your skin color, gender, democratic or republican. With big data and helped by targeted marketing, one can predict things that is much deeper and eventually influence your decisions.

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Taking an example given by Dr Michal Kosinski , there are data that human struggle to interpret but computers can go into millions of data in much more detail. How does musical preference might correlate with political preferences? Both Republicans and Democrats listens to Lady Gaga so how does it make a difference. What Big Data could help here is that they can analyze how likely a republican or a democrat to listen to Lady Gaga. But does it mean that when you listen to Lady Gaga, you are a republican or democrat, not at all. It is just that there are these insignificant digital footprints that may help to analyze the information and create accurate prediction.  

Well, with Big Data one can use it to capture and analyze data to create accurate predictions. The worry would be, what if the technology gets into wrong hands?