Beer Delivery

Throwing a party on a Saturday and found that the beer is running low. How about getting the beer delivery? Miller Coors and IPG Mediabrands announced a new connected home service “Miller Lite On Demand” that allow consumer to stock their fridge using a voice-activated Amazon Alexa command, or by using a programmable button known as AWS IoT that is based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. The delivery requests will be fulfilled within one hour by Drizly, an online alcohol ordering platform, according to the agency and brewer, which have partnered on an incubator program aimed at testing such technologies.

The service is currently at testing phase and only serves 500 Drizly selected customers. Ordering via Alexa is open to owners of Alexa devices including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap.

This service is not new as Bud Light launched a Wi-Fi-connected refrigerator that promised to give drinkers real-time data on their fridge — like how much beer is on hand — via a mobile app.

We are seeing the upward trend of mobile ordering demands as they are convenient and time saving. Amazon Echo is the current most used home device in the United states. The coffee giant, Starbucks announced that they will be adding connected-ordering service in to Alexa in near future. With more and more company to release these connected-services, it will definitely add the numbers into the internet of things devices.

Source : Ad Age