A cost effective business

O2O marketing, a business model of future.
Cost effective for business. No time bound for consumers.

O2O’s concept is to getting the information from online to offline, leading the customer to the physical store. To further enhance the business, merchant would normally run promotions and a successful promotion should consist key elements such as

  • Able to attract new customers
  • Bringing idle customers back
  • Promotion mechanism must be easy for the staff and customer

Building an online platform not only allows the merchant to obtain and consolidate customer’s data but also provides purchase analysis. It also helps to make the promotions more visible and easy to locate. Consumer can use the platform to search, locate, order and review a merchant while merchant benefits by sharing the customer base.

O2O helps merchants by providing 24/7 service without having to spend extra cost where consumer may make purchases at anywhere and anytime. As all the transactions are made online, merchants can easily consolidate customer data and reports using the online backend systems. Consumers can also use the internet to review the merchants before making a purchase from them.

Simply best of both worlds helping the merchants to expand the customer base while consumer may have more choices by just staying at home.

O2O Pro Management provides you the business consultation of O2O Marketing Strategies Planning & Consultation and Business Consultation that helps you leverage your current business.

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