10 Ideas For Your Earth Day Marketing Campaign

Earth Day is just around the corner. And for businesses, the holiday offers some unique promotional opportunities. Whether you sell eco-friendly products in a retail setting or run a service-based business online, there are things you can do to promote your business and celebrate Earth Day. Here are 10 unique ideas.

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  1. Give Away Reusable Mugs or Bottles

Plastic water bottles and styrofoam coffee cups are the scourge of the environment. But there are plenty of reusable options out there. And those products also offer you some unique promotional opportunities. Get your logo printed on some reusable bottles and thermoses and give them to your employees or even hand them out to customers with purchases over a certain amount before Earth Day.

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  1. Host an Outdoor Photo Contest

Earth Day can also be a great opportunity for you to host a contest on social media. Ask your followers to submit their favourite photo of themselves enjoying the great outdoor (bonus if your products can be featured in those photos). Then offer a prize to your favourites or even have other followers vote on the top photos.

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  1. Host an Educational Event

If your business caters to families or parents, you could host an educational event for kids at your location to offer some information about Earth Day. Or you could even host a seminar or similar event for B2B customers interested in adding some sustainable practices.

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  1. Collect Recyclables at Your Location

You could also try to get more people to visit your location by hosting a recycling collection event. Advertise and post online that you’ll collect various recyclables from people who bring them to your store or office during the week leading up to Earth Day. This can be especially appealing if you offer to collect things like batteries and electronics that can be difficult for people to recycle on their own.

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  1. Change Your Online Branding for a Day

For businesses that operate mostly online, you can still call attention to your support of environmentalism on Earth Day. Add some festive elements to your logo or online branding on your website and social media profiles for the day or days leading up to Earth Day. To do this, you could go all-green or add some leaves, trees, an earth or similar elements.

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  1. Host an Earth Day Sidewalk Sale

Retail stores can celebrate Earth Day by offering some holiday sales and encouraging people to enjoy the great outdoors while they shop. Especially if your shop is in a downtown area or business district, you can partner with other stores and restaurants to organise a large-scale Earth Day event.

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  1. Offer Sales on Sustainable Products

You could also call attention specifically to any products you offer that are made with recycled or sustainable ingredients or materials. This can appeal to shoppers on Earth Day and also call attention to your eco-friendly offerings for the consumers who like to buy sustainable items throughout the rest of the year as well.

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  1. Give Away Reusable Shopping Bags

Stores can also add some value and encourage sustainable practices by offering reusable shopping bags for free or a discounted rate with purchase. You can add your business’s name or logo to the bags for some extra promotional opportunities as well.

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  1. Offer Bring Your Own (BYO) Discounts

Or you could simply offer discounts to consumers who bring their own reusable shopping bags, rather than requiring you to give them wasteful plastic bags. Alternatively, if your business is a restaurant or coffee shop, you could offer a discount to customers who bring in their own reusable mugs or bottles so you don’t have to provide disposable cups.

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  1. Share Green Tips on Social Media

Online businesses can simply share some tips for green living on social media as a way of celebrating Earth Day. If you can, find a way to integrate some of your products or services into those tips as well. But make sure they’re actually valuable.

We hope these ideas could inspire you on your plans for Earth Day marketing campaign.

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