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Mastercard Tap To Pay For Public Transit

Just in time for the summer travel season, Mastercard has announced a series of partnerships in over 80 cities worldwide, which will enable card carriers to tap to pay for public transit.

“With a Mastercard in their wallet, more and more people have a go-to transit pass for the city they’re in,” said Ian Slater, senior vice president, enterprise partnerships at Mastercard. “In today’s connected world, having to figure out a new ticketing system every time people visit a new city is the opposite of a seamless experience. Our technology is helping to make the world a smaller, more accessible place.”

The move comes as part of a broader movement by the payment company to push the private sector to build smarter, more connected cities worldwide. The company estimates that more than half of the world’s population lives in cities — this rate looks to increase to 70 percent by 2050.

With summer coming, one of the largest travel and vacation periods in the year, Mastercard and its partners have enabled travelers to use devices to pay for public transit in popular tourist destinations, including London, New York, Chicago, Milan and St. Petersburg, among a number of others.

Mastercard has found that, since the introduction of contactless payments across London’s transit system in 2014, some 40 percent of daily pay-as-you-go journeys on the city’s underground, buses and commuter rails are paid via contactless.

“While every city has its own characteristics, virtually all of them are dealing with congestion and pollution, hence they are eager to shift passengers from cars to public transport,” said Pablo Tomasi, senior analyst, smart cities and IoT at IHS Markit. “With constraints on their budgets, cities are looking for smart, cost-efficient ticketing and on-demand management solutions that enhance urban life.”

Mastercard will be showcasing its latest contactless and mobile ticketing solutions at the upcoming biannual Global Public Transport Summit (UITP) in Montreal this week.

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线上社交网络已经融入成为我们生活重要的一部分。无论是衣食住行育乐,都离不开社交网络,打卡、上载、分享、点“赞”、留言等,就像我们日常生活般影形不离。这些影响着我们生活的社交网站,在踏入2017年都带来了一些新功能新体验。这一系列的新增功能和特点都有着共同之处,就是要让你的眼睛来一场 “视觉感官”革命。

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O2O Business Model

O2O, or Online to Offline, is a new business model combining online shopping and front line transactions. A business adopting an O2O (Online to Offline) model usually provides information, services and booking discounts and pushes its messages to Internet users, who in return will become the customers of the particular offline business partners. The business model is particularly suitable for consumer goods and services, such as food and beverage, fitness, movies and beauty salon.

“If you do not know what O2O is, you should at least know about the popular “group-purchasing”, which is only a part of the O2O. Group-purchasing is only the first step of O2O business.” The difference is that discounted group-purchasing is only a kind of temporary promotion and this marketing method is not sustainable.

Relationship between O2O, B2C and C2C

O2O (Online to Offline), B2C (Business to Customers) and C2C (Customers to Customers) all involve online payment, but the difference is that through B2C and C2C, purchased goods are packed and delivered to the hands of consumers. O2O consumers can still enjoy this service offline. It is a mode of business that offers a good combination of website traffic and consumer service experience.

Future Prospects of O2O

O2O will not have any clear definition in the future as there would be no online or offline in our lives when a mobile phone can settle everything. Big data is everywhere, the words we said, the road we took, the products we bought, the view we’ve seen, all has been captured by people (technology). This technology could analyse the data we left, accurately predict what we need, what we would do, what we would buy, when we would buy and how we are going to make the purchase.

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Integration of O2O

O2O business model means using the online market and online purchase to drive the offline management and offline experience. Through O2O marketing, merchant uses discounts, providing information and service preorders to bring the retails shops(offline) to the online consumers. They make use of the platform to guide the online consumers to the bricks and mortar. This marketing best suits products that requires offline services such as food and beverages industry, Gym, movies, performances, beauty facials, hair care and etc.

With the rapid development of the Internet, O2O has rapidly developed in the market from the usual digital business model such as B2B, B2C , C2C. So why O2O? For the B2B, B2C business model point of view, consumers purchase the goods from the online, merchant packs the item and deliver to customer via local logistic company which completes the whole transaction flow. The increase of online consumer has impacted the retail and not all the business suit the “online only” business. This is one of the reason the O2O business model raise rapidly in some of the country especially China.

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VR makes Prisma filter looks better

Prisma filter has become one of the most popular mobile applications after Pokemon Go was launched.This application enables users to transform ordinary photos into Picasso’s masterpiece. It was developed by a R&D team of four Russians, in the absence of any commercial expectations, successfully become a popular mobile phone application. There are two important facts behind this: marketing and technology.
Prisma did not spend on any big advertisements, users advertise for them when their photos are added with Prisma’s watermark, and a “# Prisma” when users share the photos, Even if the photo was uploaded on the social network without any watermark, users still can recognise that the photos were processed by Prisma App.
Secondly, “the photo is treated as a mathematical problem.” Prisma uses Artificial Intelligence to process all photos uploaded by users and it is capable of processing massive uploads in a short time. This technology can be extended to the virtual reality (Virtual Reality) in the future.
The Japanese animated film “Your Name” has become popular in China recently due to its “artificial intelligence” filter. Technology has been changing our way of life, the boundaries between the virtual and real world have gradually become unseparated, but it also brings more fun to our lives. Your photos could become masterpieces through a simple App.

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在Pokemon Go 大红之后,Prisma滤镜成为时下最夯的App。这个能够把普通照片变成毕卡索大师之作的App,是由一支俄罗斯4人团队研发,在没有任何商业化期许下,成为火爆的手机应用。在这背后有两大点值得了解:市场行销与科技技术。
Prisma没有花任何一毛钱大广告,只是在你的照片贴浮水印,以及在你转发是悄悄放上#Prisma,透过用户帮自己打广告。即使后来上传至社交网的照片没有任何浮水印,用户也可以认得出这是源自Prisma App作品。
其次,“把照片当作数学题看待”。Prisma所采用的是人工智能运算(Artificial Intelligence)处理所有用户上传的照片,并在很短的时间内处理海量的上传照片,这不只是一般美图秀秀能够比拟的技术。这技术还能在日后延伸至虚拟实境(Virtual Reality)的运用。

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O2O Model Definition (6)

The O2O marketing brings a new hope to the bricks and mortar.
Have you ever purchase a product from a store and wanting to repurchase it again but it is either too far or not available in country? O2O is one of the solution for this question as apart from online to offline, O2O also includes offline to online. With the technology advancement, online has become one of the important tools for us to make purchases. The most important role of bricks and mortar is to provide a place for consumer to experience the product also feel customer service with personal touch which online world is lack off. When a merchant chooses the O2O marketing as one of their platform, they would most probably retain more customer as consumer has more than 1 way to make purchases. Furthermore, one of the key element that could help to leverage the business is customer’s review. Often consumer make research before they decide to purchase an item. Reviews may direct or indirectly influence the consumer’s decision.

你是否曾经从商店购买产品后,想要再次购买,但由于它的距离太远了或在国内没有分店而因此放弃? O2O是解决这个问题的方法之一。除了线上至线下,O2O还包括线下至线上。随着技术的进步,网络已成为我们购物的重要工具之一。实体商店的作用是为消费者提供一个体验产品的地方,这也是线上商店所不能提供的。当商家选择O2O营销作为他们的平台之一时,他们将能够保留更多的客户,因为消费者拥有多种方式进行购买。此外,客户的评论也是帮助业务的关键因素之一。消费者通常在决定购买物品之前会进行研究。评论可能直接或间接中会影响消费者的决定。