Amazon Go Brings Retail Store New Wave of O2O Business Model

If you think that physical stores are becoming the past, and the online stores are the trend for now, you are wrong! Amazon started from an online bookstore to now becoming the largest US online retail giant, its business is no longer consists of solely online retail business. Technology-oriented Amazon, has extended its business to the payment platform, logistics systems, etc., to create a huge consumer’s life industrial chain. The latest consumer experience is to let you enter the mall, take everything you want and leave. No queue and no checkouts. All your spending inside the mall has been recorded on your phone. The new consumer lifestyle of online payment and offline spending (O2O) has gradually formed. Are you ready?



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O2O Model Definition (7)

Most consumer would go to experience the physical store after they have view the information and make purchases “online”. O2O also helps to target consumer group and saved the logistic cost. Other than that, O2O helps merchants by providing 24/7 service without having to spend extra cost where consumer may make purchases at anywhere and anytime. As all the transactions are made online, merchants can easily consolidate customer data and reports using the online backend systems. Consumers can also use the internet to review the merchants before making a purchase from them.

Simply best of both worlds helping the merchants to expand the customer base while consumer may have more choices by just staying at home.

大多数消费者在线上购物后,都会到实体商店去体验。 O2O还有助于瞄准消费群体并节省物流成本。除此之外,O2O还提供24/7全天候服务,而无需花费额外成本,让消费者可以随时随地进行线上购买。由于所有交易都是在线上进行的,商家可以使用线上后端系统轻松整合客户数据和报告。消费者还可以在购买商品之前使用互联网查看其他消费者对商家的评论。

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O2O Model Definition (6)

The O2O marketing brings a new hope to the bricks and mortar.
Have you ever purchase a product from a store and wanting to repurchase it again but it is either too far or not available in country? O2O is one of the solution for this question as apart from online to offline, O2O also includes offline to online. With the technology advancement, online has become one of the important tools for us to make purchases. The most important role of bricks and mortar is to provide a place for consumer to experience the product also feel customer service with personal touch which online world is lack off. When a merchant chooses the O2O marketing as one of their platform, they would most probably retain more customer as consumer has more than 1 way to make purchases. Furthermore, one of the key element that could help to leverage the business is customer’s review. Often consumer make research before they decide to purchase an item. Reviews may direct or indirectly influence the consumer’s decision.

你是否曾经从商店购买产品后,想要再次购买,但由于它的距离太远了或在国内没有分店而因此放弃? O2O是解决这个问题的方法之一。除了线上至线下,O2O还包括线下至线上。随着技术的进步,网络已成为我们购物的重要工具之一。实体商店的作用是为消费者提供一个体验产品的地方,这也是线上商店所不能提供的。当商家选择O2O营销作为他们的平台之一时,他们将能够保留更多的客户,因为消费者拥有多种方式进行购买。此外,客户的评论也是帮助业务的关键因素之一。消费者通常在决定购买物品之前会进行研究。评论可能直接或间接中会影响消费者的决定。